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14 February 2023
Incoming Event in Montenegro

JP for National Parks of Montenegro will organize a cross-border incoming event on February 16 in Petrovac with partners from Italy and Albania, under the leadership of the Regional Natural Park "Coastal Dunes from Torre Cana to Torre San Leonardo'', which will include a study visit to the newest protected area Katič with the goal of getting to know the ecological, historical, cultural and tourism specificities of the locality and the importance of its preservation.  At the event, it is planned to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of improving the conservation of priority species and habitats through the dissemination of best practices and experiences gained through the LASPEH project, which will be attended by more than ten representatives of state, educational institutions, representatives of protected areas and non-governmental organizations that deal with the protection of priority species and habitats, but also the environment in general.

As part of the event, models of closer cooperation in the area of ​​priority species and habitat protection will be presented, and a collaborative network will be established among the partners of the program area, all with the aim of enhancing the implementation the Joint Transnational Strategy for the Management of Priority Species and Habitats in the Natura 2000 Network. Also, interactive panel discussions are planned on examining the possibility of further cooperation in the field of preserving priority areas of importance for the environment, with special reference to Natura 2000 areas. 

The event will take place within the framework of the capitalization of the LASPEH project, which received recognition from the Agency for Territorial Cohesion of Italy, earning a special place in the catalog of projects that contributed to the development of better cooperation in the cross-border area, and it is also planned to present a model for establishing cooperation between institutions that manage protected areas, and familiarization with EU directives and legislative frameworks that should be integrated into national legal acts.