07 October 2020
Protecting the Bosnian Pine in the National Park Lovćen

Thanks to LASPEH, the National Parks of Montenegro is revitalizing the Bosnian Pine (Pinus Heldreichii), an endangered species located on the slopes of Jezerski vrh in the National Park Lovćen.  

Bosnian pine is a two-needle pine that grows on vertical and inaccessible slopes on which only it can survive. It exists best on dry and sunny terrains, at an altitude of 900 to 2500 meters above sea level, on a limestone base.

Groups of trees or individual Bosnian Pine trees at the site in question are in a degrading or stunted form. These trees are trying to cope with black pine for their habitat.

The implementation of specific conservation and specific measures in the field, thanks to LASPEH project, will primarily ensure the protection of habitats from the erosive processes.