Ferruginous Duck/Moretta Tabaccata

23 July 2019
Spotted Ferruginous Duck in the Natural Park of Ugento

The concrete activities foreseen by the project LASPEH started in Ugento, with the monitoring of avifauna from the environmental experts identified by the Municipality of Ugento and the Regional Natural Park "Litorale di Ugento".  

Numerous sightings were reported in the wetland, confirming the high environmental value of the protected area. Among the spotted species, also the target species of the project LASPEH, the "Ferruginous Duck" (Moretta tabaccata in Italian). This anatid at high risk of extinction is protected by several conventions and international legislations. Thanks to LASPEH project and its concrete actions, the level of protection of this species will be intensified, with an increase of the faunal eligibility of the area.